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Welcome To Whale Watch Lanzarote​


The waters of the North Atlantic Ocean which surround the island of Lanzarote, including the smaller islands which form the archipelago to the north, are home to a variety of species of cetaceans. In fact, the Canary Islands as a whole are ranked as one of the top areas in the world to spot whales and dolphins.

The Canary Islands also form part of the volcanic archipelago chain of Macaronesia which comprises The Azores, Madeira (including the Salvagens Islands and Porto Santo), The Canaries and Cape Verde. Each of these areas are very important in their own right as feeding and breeding grounds for cetaceans.

The information on the sightings which we record is received from the LICENSED WHALE AND DOLPHIN WATCHING BOATS which operate locally out of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. These boats are registered with both the Spanish Government and the Canary Islands Government and can be recognised by the flying of the BARCO AZUL/BLUE BOAT FLAG.

Our own whale and dolphin watching trips are carried out by our sister company,
SEA SAFARIS LANZAROTE, on board our boat ´PERLA BLANCA I´ which operates from PUERTO CALERO MARINA.

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Until fairly recently, Puerto Calero Marina was home to a Whale and Dolphin Museum (MCC) which was run and maintained by SECAC (Society for the Study of Cetaceans in the Canary Archipelago). This popular museum provided a fantastic source of information and helped to resolve any issues regarding identification of these majestic mammals but, sadly, the museum has now closed. However, SECAC is still very much in existence and continues to be very active in the research, promotion and conservation of cetaceans in the Canary Islands – visit their website at www.cetaceos.org for more information on their valuable and important work.

Our own records, which have been kept since 2013, have shown sightings of cetaceans throughout all months of the years, revealing that the island is not solely on a migratory route but is home to a number of different species. In the course of a year we are also privileged to see turtles and sharks, plus a wide variety of birdlife, including Cory´s Shearwaters, Sandwich Terns, Northern Gannets, various Petrels and Grey Herons.

If you would like to contribute your own sightings then please send us an email with your findings, including: date, time, location (latitude and longitude co-ordinates preferably) and, of course, the species!!

Alternatively, why not book yourself on one of our excursions and join us in experiencing the nature and marine wildlife of Lanzarote!

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